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Joanne and Robert Nye's Wedding (1961)

History of the Barn

Name and Owners

The Barn at Hart's Grove was named thusly because it is located in the lovely town of Hartsgrove (founded by Richard Hart) and the area had an abundant variety of beautiful trees.  The Barn was recently built to replace an older Barn on the farm of Joanne and Robert Nye.   Robert passed away in 2002 and his wife, Joanne passed away in 2018.  The Nye farm has been in the family for over 100 years and Joanne and Robert actually met on this farm when they were children.   Their remaining family wanted to honor their legacy in a way that celebrates their love and commitment to family.   May the Barn at Hart's Grove bring families together for years to come.

Rich Family Farming History

Robert Nye's ancestors have  been farming in Hartsgrove since its settlement in the 1800s.  Robert and his brother were born here and they operated the dairy farm opposite the Barn.  Robert and Joanne continued to grow and develop the land where the Barn is now situated.

Robert Nye -- Farming through the years.

Dad v2.JPEG

This is a simple picnic day on the farm where both Bob and Joanne's family broke bread together in the early 1940s.   The Barn at Hart's Grove celebrates this legacy of clean family fun and bringing families together through celebration.

Historical Photos of The Barn At Hart's Grove

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